From Jason Westbury

Morning Stuart.

I hope that you do not mind me emailing you today, but Simon Timmis has sent me the photos of the X6 that you had from us here at Benham BMW.

Credit where credit is due……………..IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!

I have shown the photo around the office & everyone loves it!!

If I can ever help you again in the future, please do not hesitate to contact me here at Benham.


Jason Westbury
Used Car Sales Executive
Benham Wolverhampton Ltd

From David

I will be coming back in the near future as I want another car off you so this minor setback has not deterred or put me off in any way whatsoever.

In fact it's quite the opposite Daniel, yourself and Darren have been exceptional and I have told a few colleagues about AutoVogue.

I hope my issues with the car get sorted soon, beautiful motor with so many compliments and glances.

Thanks Daniel/Darren and all involved, Stuart’s got a great team

From David Sunderland

I'd just like to say a big thanks to all at Autovogue for the help and professionalism shown whilst purchasing the 911 GTS, it was most enjoyable and what a car, I'm thrilled.

A special thank you to Stuart for hanging around after hours in order to do the handover.


David Sunderland

Ignite New Media LTD 

From Matt Earl

Afternoon Stuart,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note.

Firstly wanted to thank you for the car, really pleased with the final product, definitely has turned some heads since Friday. Secondly, was a pleasure doing business with you, (although there may have been numerous phone calls and emails) we did get there in the end, I was really impressed with the rate at which we were able to come in Friday and finalise the deal with you, efficient. FYI the V5s etc have all been sent off, I am transferring my private plate onto the car.

Finally, I am pretty sure that my next car will be one of yours, so this may not be the last you hear of me.

All the best.


Matt Earl, BSc (Hons)
Graduate Project Surveyor, Cost Management

From Andy Finch

Thanks for that Robert.... and I have to say again....
What a fantastic car this 335i Autovogue Coupe is... I just can't stop grinning....
Best Regards
Andy Finch

From Rue Plastic

Hi Rob/Stuart

Thank you for your help with sorting out my BMW purchase, I am over the moon with it and don't think I'll ever go back to driving anything other than a BMW. Massive thanks for the gear shifter too it set's the inside off nicely.

I was given some Autovogue plates by Rob with the existing Registrtaion but will be putting my private plate on as soon as the log book comes back in my name, would it be possible to send me some plates through with your logo on them? I was going to get some done else where but would obviously look better with your logo on them. 

Kind Regards 


Plastic @ Dragon Eye
Broad Street 

From Rue Plastic

Thanks again for that mate, still happy with the car no going back from BMW now, Oh happy new year by the way.

I'll call Rob first thing Tomorrow morning to arrange payment etc,

Also expect a phone call from Howard Donald (Take That) I picked him up on New Years Eve from his Hotel in my car as I had booked him to play a DJ set at my club and he loved it, I told him about what you do etc and he took your contact details. He called back today to get your web address to have a look for himself. Make sure you get VIP tickets for their concerts.

Kind Regards


From Ken at Rydale

I have been in the motor trade for 17 years and have never seen such well presented cars, I work for BMW (i.e. prime quality product) and that is why I have phoned you Robert and arranged to view your Audi Avant, for my partner, I do have Audi in group but you have been so professional, I have no hesitation buying a car from your Garage. Well done on showing the motor trade how it's done.

Kind Regards


From Nicholas Bowers

Dear Mr S Brown

I am writing to thank you for giving me the opportunity to do my work experience at Autovogue. I really enjoyed my time there I found all the members of staff there very helpful and friendly. I am very grateful to them for showing me the basics of how Autovogue works.

I found your company very professional and the attention to detail was very impressive. It gave me a new insight into your area of expertise in the automotive industry. Which I found very interesting.

I would also be very grateful if you would consider me for a position within your company in the future. I would love to take this opportunity in the future. Because car customisation and styling is what I would like to be involved with in the future. I am planning to go to university to study motor sport. In the future I would like to link motor-sport with car customisation.

Yours Sincerely

Nicolas Bowers

From Neil Pidgeon


Just a quick email to thank you again for the work done yesterday and to let you know how happy I was with both the service levels and standard of work. You also made my dad's day regarding the CSL wheels! (He should be in touch over next few weeks)

Thanks Again

Neil Pidgeon

From Bill Jones

I thought that I would wait a week or so to see how the work done by your company on my BMW front bumper stood up, I am pleased to say that the work is of excellent quality. You have a most satisfied customer who will certainly pass on the good news about the service received from Autovogue.

Thanks again for your high standard of customer attention during the entire run up to this work. Keep up the good work.


Bill Jones

From J S Toor

Just wanted to thank Sean and Robert for sorting out preparing, and fitting the Hamann AVR aero to my car on Saturday morning.

The service was efficient and very friendly, thanks for all your help.


JS Toor

From Pete and Lucy

Hi there Stuart just a message to say the car is brilliant we are very pleased with it, and were very impressed with the Autovogue set up, we will not hesitate to recommend you to our friends and colleagues speak to you very soon.

Best Wishes

Pete and Lucy 


Hi everyone at Autovogue, I think you do a fantastic job on the cars and the interior work. Keep it up

From Glen Clyburn

Hi Stuart

As promised please find enclosed the spare key for my Audi TT. I have also enclosed a CD which was left in the CD player when I drove away, I thought you might like this back.

In addition to the spare key and warranty details for the 911 could you also send me a copy of the finance agreement confirming the outstanding balance has been settled (when it finally comes through) so I can keep a copy for my records.

Once again many thanks for all your efforts on Monday I can't praise you and your organisation enough, your customer service is second to none.

Hope you have an excellent Xmas and a very prosperous New Year.

Best Regards

Glen Clyburn

From Rob Dobson

Hi Rob

The ECU remap was a big difference. I am delighted with it, as well as the whole car.



From Rob Durran

Hi Stuart

Just wanted to say thanks for last Friday. The car was in superb condition and I am extremely happy with it. No doubt I will again be a returning customer, maybe that 600BHP M5 next time! I was just wondering if you got the tax sorted as the customs over here will be on my case for the V5.

Many Thanks


From John LF Shenton VW Rescue Company Director

Dear Stuart

Ref: Invoice No's: 1070 and 1077 for worked carried out on VW

Cheque received this morning thanks for your prompt payment. I wish all customers were as efficient!

Best Regards

John LF Shenton 
Company Director
For and on Behalf of VW Rescue LTD

From Marc O'Keeffe

Thank you for the excellent level of post purchase service Rob, I'll continue to recommend Autovogue and it will certainly be my first port of call when looking for the next BMW in 18 months or so.

Many Thanks 

Marc O'Keeffe

From Chris Newsome

Hi Robert 

Hi Robert First of all I would just like to thank you for the time you spent with Rebecca and I on Saturday.

You made us feel us feel at ease and that we had made the correct car choice which was very important to us both.

I am tied up all day here at work so unfortunately I will not be able to pick up the car until tomorrow at around 12.30pm.

Also Rebecca and I discussed the wheel option although I love the BMW alloys that are on the car at the moment Rebecca feels they are a little sporty for her. As it is important to me that she feels comfortable driving the car can I request that we change the 19inch alloys to the 19inch M3 classic alloys that you have displayed. They were also the alloys you had displayed on the grey convertible that we looked at. If this is a possibility can I also confirm that the tyres and the alloy rims will be brand new as they are on the BMW I purchased.

Can I also confirm that the gear lever and the 6 CD changer have been place into the car?

I hope this will not be an inconvience and can you confirm by mail that this will be ok from your point of view.

Thank you as always for your time.

Look forward to picking up the car tomorrow.

Regards Chris Newsome 
Learning/Development Specialist. 

From Mark McKenna

Hi Stuart Mark here. Just wanted to drop you a quick email, to say thank you for your excellent customer service and the swift operation in doing my deal.

To return the favour, I would also be interested in hearing from you for any prospective up and coming website or design projects you may have in mind. If you have any questions about anything, please give me a call and we'll take it from there.

Thanks again.